October 2022 Development Progress

Hello Adventurers~🌻

Here is our monthly update in regards to the development of version 2.0!

✦ Development Progress and Changes:

It's been slow for us because of our work responsibilities but here are some previews of the things we are working on!

In case you  have missed from the previous blog posts, we have a spreadsheet that is updated whenever we are working on Stella Character Generator Parts!

Due to some folks claiming our work as their own, and among various things, we apologize for the very aggressive watermarking and bluriness of the sprites. 

  • Light Mode UI

  • Fantasy WIP

  • New Parts (No Sprites yet!)

Thank you for patience and we hope that the new updates will make using this software nicer!

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can't wait to see the fantasy parts added in the future

Updates look great so far, however I noticed in the current version the lean male neutral pose uses the wrong body, anywhere I can grab the correct pose?


This is looking amazing!!! So excited! 

Any chance you can add wings to either fantasy or animals?


Gonna wait more, but its k

Take your time and do things things right. I have seen too many software rushed that had so much potential if the developers had the time to do it right. Looking forward to the new version.


hoping that 2.0 come ><


Been watching this project evolve from the beginning, you are all doing an excellent job!  Super thrilled for 2.0!


Super stoked for 2.0, no rush tho take your time. 
It'll be better that way <3