April 2023 Bug Fix

Hello Adventurers~🌻

✦ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mask issues with shoes and front hair.
  • Improved Compatibility with Fantasy DLC.
  • Updated Readme.


Stella Chargen Version 1_2_2 - DLC02 Fantasy Sprites (April 2023 update).zip 2 MB
Apr 05, 2023
Stella Character Generator ver 1_2_2 (April 2023 updated).zip 32 MB
Apr 05, 2023

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Will the fantasy dlc ever include side-view/face? 


Is there any news on when 2.0 is coming? I'm really wanting to get this, but I'd love some kind of reassurance that it's not going to end up a dead project. I've been burned by early access a few times now and $60 is a lot of money. (I'm including the DLC price in the $60)

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So for the Sideview models, how do you get the sideview weapons into the sprites hand to have it be as accurate as possible. When I'm testing the SV sprite the weapon sprite shows up at their knee.

If you can please join the discord server. This is an RPG Maker issue and not a stella issue.

Okay, thank you for the link.