December 2022 Update

Hello Adventurers~🌻

✦ Updates to Version 1.2.2

  • Updated Version 1.2.2. to fix Male Lean bug.
  • Fix Animal Pack DLC to be compatible with this version.

Thank you for patience and support!

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Dec 15, 2022

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Hi there! I really love the look of this generator and am strongly considering purchasing, but I have a couple of questions.

1.) Are there any plans to add other poses (sleeping, swimming, eating, drinking, emotions etc) in a future update? Either as part of the base gen or as DLC? 

2.) Are there fat or curvy body types, facial hair, etc, in the program or plans to add them?

3.) Does the animal DLC contain a few animal lower halves to match the stella sprites or are there plans to add any (centaur, mermaid, naga and maybe some anthro sprites like werewolves)?

4.) Are sprite/portrait edits allowed and can we use the assets from Stella Character Generator in commercial/paid projects? If I'm understanding your TOS correctly, all of this seems to be allowed with proper credit after we buy the generator? I just want to make sure I'm understanding that right.

Hey! Can't find a contact... see you reply to these so hoping you'll see this. On your picture choices plugin, would it be possible to add the option to show another picture on select and deselect? For example if you're making a class selector, you can show a description when hovering over the button?

Please visit the discord. It's in our profile.

Hey, love what you have so far. great work but I have to ask do you

ever plan to make a plugin for weapon sprites to work with proper weapon layout? and if so, will it be in the cloud use for mv

Hi there! I recommend this tutorial :)

Thanks. but not working for mv I'll try to figure it out

Looking at your EULA it looks like I'm ok but before I buy I have a couple questions.
1. Are there any problems if I modify the content in any way for my own programs? (NSFW)
2. Are they poseable or are they generally always standing in the same position for the visual novel aspect? Like can I move arms when they're talking to help show anger / etc? or will they always stand with their arms at their sides? Not a big deal, just will help make my decision. 


1. You can modify it, no problem. As long as it's a game and it's not a major selling point (e.g. reselling).

2. They will always be standing. We're still discussing how to add multiple poses. So far there is 2!

Thanks for clarification!