August 2022 Development Progress

Hello Adventurers~🌻

Here is our monthly update in regards to the development of version 2.0!

✦ Development Progress and Changes:

We are making progress on the new Stella Character Generator UI!  Here's a small preview of Dark Mode and Light Mode windows.

Here is the final Dark Mode look!

We are almost done with the Stella Character Generator DLC  Installer! We don't have pretty screenshots of it yet but please look forward to it!

✦ When is the Release Date?

We hope to finish this very soon, ideally within the year. If we're being very optimistic and no problems come our way, in the next 2-3 months including prepping the new resources. 

Thank you for patience and we hope that the new updates will make using this software nicer!

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October update? :D Super excited for it coming to Steam! Dark mode is looking amazing!

Can we get an update?

Would It be possible to see a video of the sideview battlers animations, and how well do they function with RPG makers MZ weapon animations? Thank you in advance!

How's the linux version coming? With the steamdeck out, I really want to develop for it!


I'm really hoping you're adding more clothing/armor and other parts to the base generator and not locked behind upcoming DLC or something. I don't mind paying extra for DLC when it's things I know I'll need, but I'm really hoping I can do far more than I can currently with the base generator, especially with the side-view battlers. Looking forward to this update.

Congratulations on the new updates. 

You are fantastic


For the sake of gods, please focus on more parts, not the ui.

btw. in v 1.2.2 "male lean" and "male lean neutral" are the same one body/pose, i guess it is a bug. 


Yes, we would love some new parts.

Best wishes


Thank you for the updates!  The new dark mode looks great, and I love the new UI!  You guys are doing an excellent job!

I personally would love to hear about planned DC maybe in September or October update!