June 2022 Development Progress

Hello Adventurers~🌻

We would like to sincerely apologize for our sparse updates. We'd like to be a lot more transparent on what's happening behind the scenes. Since we're a small indie group, we have a lot of difficulties. And we would like to thank you for your patience!

✦ Development History:

  • Kaliya, our old developer, decided to leave the project. We wish him he best of luck on his new endeavour!
  • Archeia has spent some time discussing and searching for a new programmer to help with the development of the new Stella Character Generator.
  • Dr. Yami was brought in to help us create a new iteration of Stella Character Generator.  Unfortunately, we're all working full time jobs and couldn't focus 100% on the new editor.
  • Andre joined the project as well now that he has some free time. Stella Character Generator has made leaps and bounds in terms of progress!

✦ Why is an update necessary?

We realized too late that there were some miscommunication and some missing features in the old generator. On top of that, we found some new glaring issues that we didn't notice before. We tried to fix it as much as we can but it was to no avail.  A new version had to be made. So what are we hoping to tackle?

  • We want to provide support to Windows, Mac and Linux!
  • We want Dark Mode!
  • Create a better User Experience. Right now, Stella makes recoloring a chore.
  • Make a better way to prepare our materials. Masking has to be changed. New parts had to be separated. This is the reason we couldn't release any new assets. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Create a better preview experience to help our small staff find issues faster when preparing assets for Stella.

✦ Progress Images

Please note that these images are still under active development. We will change the UI to be nicer to use and look at!

  • Shadows are now finally implemented with blending.

  • Sideview and Walk are now animated and you can select the animation to see. You can click the Spritesheet button to show the full spritesheet in a modal popup window. 

✦ What's Next?

We hope to finish Stella Character Generation Version 2 as soon as possible. We're very sorry for taking so long. But thank you for your patience and support!

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Could we get it so the character portrait also includes different facial expressions?

The Battle Animations are also in 4 or 8 directions or only front view?

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Battle animations are only sideview as seen in the final screenshot :)

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Thank you for your response. Then the Tool not is for my purposes. It seems this char-editor is designed only for RPG-Maker or other 2D Engines. I working with Smile Game Builder or RPG in a Box (and the upcoming RPG Developer Bakin in the future).

Hi. I want to use this on my game, and I really apreciate if u make some body types, like Full furry body, muscle people and chubby :c

I just bought Stella Character Generator and am quite impressed with a lot of it! I was wondering if more poses would ever be available in face view?


It will depend on how much sales happen!

Hello!  Thanks for the update! ^.^  --  If we purchase the generator now - do we get version 2?  Thanks.

Once the update is up, you will get the upgrade for free.

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I'm looking at buying the generator, but I have a question... is it possible to load in our own assets? Like if there's a specific uniform the soldiers where, would I be able to add it to the generator so I can quickly generate a bunch of characters wearing the same uniform?



Thank you for the update.  Looking forward to your new version!!


I'm glad this is being worked on again. But I hope new poses and clothing assets are also of priority. After all the biggest appeal of programs such as these are the amazing art work for people (like myself) who are lacking in that skill set.


we need something to change the size of the parts like the eyes :c

This is good to hear. How do we get the new update? 

thanks for the update, I always use this tool. Good luck!! 


I'm very glad to hear that it's still being worked on! I love this tool and really want the annoyances ironed out, even if it ends up needing a full rewrite to accomplish that. Thank you for keeping us purchasers up to date.