August 2021 Editor Update

Hello Adventurers~🌻

Work in Progress of the New Editor:

  • Recoloring is revamped. It works like Photoshop's Hue Adjustment layer. You can adjust Luminosity to have darker or brighter tones. 
  • Recoloring is faster now and doesn't cause severe lag. Not shown in the video is the ability to select match body so the part recolor will follow the one in body layer.
  • The layers automatically goes to selected body part when clicking. It also automatically names the layer based on the body part you picked.
  • Offset command is added but it's still not complete. Will add number fields.
  •  Different Color Options are available:

Thank you for your patience and support!

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hello, I have a problem, when using a male body in the editor in "side view" the changes are not visualized (I tried with the examples but I got the same result), with female characters there are no problems.

Hi, for the next version can you add link to the help section in app? Also, the Eula link is broken.

Is there a possibility to add own images into generator`s library?

Any hopes of a Linux port? The executable crashes on WINE...

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I'm so excited for the new updates. I'm really looking forward to the kids and new parts :3 do you have an ETA? i have early access pack as well <3
Oh by the way, real quick - accessories(part type Accessory 1) won't show up for me anymore after putting the early access stuff in. I don't know why. Like the "part" window is empty. ):

Could I just check, do I need to get the normal creator and the early access creator, or does the early access one cover everything?



As mentioned in the store page. You only get the following images. It does not include the software. 

Get instant access to the Stella Generator sideview sprites at their current stage in development. Currently includes:
  • Fully animated base sheets for Male/Female sprites
  • 6 Clothing Top for Female
  • 8 Clothing Bottom for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Female
  • 9 Front Hair for Female
  • 2 Glasses for Female
  • 4 Hats for Female
  • 4 Socks for Female
  • 8 Shoes for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Male
  • 9 Front Hair for Male

I bought this generator and I have to say it's pretty cool, but I was wondering if there will be new hair for boys or other body types in the future?

We are so sorry for the delay on updates. There is definitely going to be more parts  featuring children. We have planned different body types but we're still discussing if it's something we can maintain.

We are doing parts updates but it probably won't be with the base generator but as DLC. We will see how our team can handle it. 

Thanks a lot for the answer :)

So awesome! Thank you so much!