Stella Character Sideview Progress

Hello friends 🌻

If you don't follow any of our social media outlets or page, it might seem that this product is dead. But please rest assured that is far from the case! We're working on being more transparent about our workload as a team so everyone would have a good idea where we are at in terms of progress! 

We recently created a list where you can view our progress so far:

We'll be updating it as we finish work.  Once all the female parts are done, we will be updating the main software.  It won't be too long now! 

Thank you for your patience!🙏

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I love this!! Are you going to make the individual parts also available? Then we can use the miniparts to make our own poses

If you want different poses just use original bust and draw from there. I will maybe release the different bust poses but I need 

help by you guys for requests for type  poses.


When this is a part of the software, I'll likely buy it. However, that default stance...doesn't super much look battle-ready. It looks vaguely more like she's doing a low-key dance move. If the fists were up more in preparation, rather than down at her waist, it would be more convincing.

Ohh, this makes me excited!