Update #71 - December 23, 2021


Hello, RPG Makers!

We have updated our Sample Game Project with the latest versions of the various plugins included!

If you would like to view the changelog for all our scripts , you can view it here.

We plan to make updates a routine on Fridays. This way, you don't have to stay completely on top of the wiki scouring for updates. There is no set time for when the updates occur, they just will, and there will be an announcement for them.

Not every week will have an update, because if one isn't needed, one won't be made. Updates will be generally used for bug fix(es) and/or feature implementations.

Sample Project

✼ No Changes

✼Items & Equips Core Version 1.37

✼ Compatibility Update!

  • Created foundation for proxy items to be used in any applicable system and extension plugins. Update made by Arisu.

Options Core Version 1.16

✼ Bug Fixes!

  • Residual old code is now disabled from appearing on deployed projects if any carry over config data is brought over from the playtesting phase. Fix made by Arisu.
  • Yep, again.

Thank you for supporting VisuStella! 🌻


VisuStella MZ Sample Game Project (Update #71) 95 MB
Dec 23, 2021

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