January 22, 2021 Update - Update #23


Hello, RPG Makers!

We have updated our Sample Game Project with the latest versions of the various plugins included!

If you would like to view the changelog for all our scripts , you can view it here.

We plan to make updates a routine on Fridays. This way, you don't have to stay completely on top of the wiki scouring for updates. There is no set time for when the updates occur, they just will, and there will be an announcement for them.

Not every week will have an update, because if one isn't needed, one won't be made. Updates will be generally used for bug fix(es) and/or feature implementations.

Sample Project

✼ No Changes

✼Core Engine Version 1.23

✼ Optimization Update!

  • Plugin should run more optimized.

✼Battle Engine Core Version 1.23

✼ Documentation Update!

  • Help file updated for new features.

✼ Feature Update!

  • ACSET: All Targets Action Set and ACSET: Each Target Action Set updated
    • New parameter added: Dual/Multi Wield?
      • Add times struck based on weapon quantity equipped

✼ New Features!

  • Dual Wielding now functions differently. Made by Olivia.
    • Previously, RPG Maker MZ had "Dual Wielding" attack using both weapon animations at once, with the combined ATK of each weapon. It's confusing to look at and does not portray the nature of "Dual Wielding".
    • Dual Wielding, or in the case of users adding in third and fourth weapons, Multi Wielding is now changed. Each weapon is displayed individually, each producing its own attack animation, showing each weapon type, and applying only that weapon's ATK, Traits, and related effects. It is no longer a combined effect to display everything at once like RPG Maker MZ default.
    • If an actor has multiple weapon slots but some of them are unequipped, then the action will treat the attack as a single attack. There will be no barehanded attack to add on top of it. This is to match RPG Maker MZ's decision to omit a second animation if the same scenario is applied.
  • New Action Sequence Plugin Commands added by Yanfly
    • ANIM: Attack Animation 2+
  • Plays the animation associated with the user's 2nd weapon. Plays nothing if there is no 2nd weapon equipped.
    • New Action Sequence Plugin Commands added by Olivia
    • WEAPON: Clear Weapon Slot
    • WEAPON: Next Weapon Slot
    • WEAPON: Set Weapon Slot
    • These are Action Sequence Plugin Commands for devs who want finer control over Dual/Multi Wielding weapons.

✼Events & Movement Core Version 1.16

✼ Optimization Update!

  • When touch clicking multiple times on an impassable tile, pathfinding will utilize the non-diagonal function for less resource consumption to prevent FPS frame drops. Fix made by Arisu.

Message Core Version 1.12

✼ Feature Update!

  • Name Box Window Default Color is now disabled by default to 0 because users do not understand why their names are showing up yellow and did not bother reading the documentation. If users want this feature turned on, they will have to do it manually from now on. Update made by Irina.

Thank you for supporting VisuStella! 🌻


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Jan 22, 2021

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