Tiled Version 1.01 Update


Hello, RPG Makers!🌻

We apologize deeply for the issues on Tiled Plugin's release.  Here are our updates!

✼ Bug Fix(es):

  • Fixed an issue where the plugin will give an error if you didn't add an Object layer with a tile on it.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes. the tiled map doesn't display immediately upon map transfer.
  • Fixed an issue where Object layers won't accept sprite sheets.
  • Animated doodads won't display immediately upon load map. 
  • Fixed an issue with saving and loading when Doodads are involved.
  • Fixed an issue where flag layers aren't activating.

✼ New Update(s):

  • regionId can now be tile-base similar to collision tileset.
  • Show Picture Command is added to Plugin Command Parameters. You can also set a z-index for them if necessary!
  • You can now set eventIds in object layer.
  • Added bush height in plugin parameters.


VisuMZ_5_TileD.js 60 kB
Sep 05, 2020

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