Tiled Plugin for RPG Maker MZ Version 0.10 Released!

Hello Adventurers! 🌻

The latest update of Tiled plugin is here! The code has been remade from scratch. The old version was not very well made and has caused various issues. Stella team would like to apologize for not having enough time to look at its quality.  

✼ What's New?

The new Tiled plugin has brand new properties for you to explore and play with! 

Here is a complete list and documentation for your reference!

✼ Previews

  • Different Tile Size support in one game
  • Reflections

  • Mirror Cast

  • Tile Blend Modes

  • Doodads / Grid-Free / Object Layer Support

✼ New Terrain Setting

RPG Maker has an amazing autotile system that no other map editor can quite grasp. We're currently writing a converter and a new tutorial for a brand new terrain that emulates this system. Please look forward to it!

✼ What's Next?

  • Project Template
  • Video Tutorial
  • Brand New Autotile/Terrain converter
  • Update the wiki's documentation

Thank you and Happy Game Making!

With love,


VisuMZ_5_TiledMZ.js 100 kB
Mar 09, 2022

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Absolutely staggering update (multiple ingame sizes!! doodads!!), and with an equally big update around the corner, this is crazy! So excited to see the results of all your work!