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This plugin is for advanced users, or users who plan to learn Tiled. Please note that you cannot use the tilesets or characters commercially.

  • Are you a fan of prerendered/parallax mapping?
  • Are you used to RPG maker XP's way of mapping?
  • Do you want to collaborate with a mapper without them needing RPG Maker?
  • Do you want to be able to work on your events and maps separately?
  • Do you wish RPG Maker's way of mapping is closer to an image editing software?
  • Do you want unlimited layers?
  • Do you want more control over animations?

Well, now all those worries are gone! Instead, let's just use the awesome map editor, Tiled! Free, easy to use and very flexible Map Editor. Grab it from here: http://www.mapeditor.org/

Features include all (but not limited to) the following:

  • Any tile size maps!
  • Any number of layers!
  • Manual collision layers!
  • ...More

More information can be found here:


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✼ What's New?

The new Tiled plugin has brand new properties for you to explore and play with! 

Here is a complete list and documentation for your reference!

✼ Previews

  • Different Tile Size support in one game
  • Reflections

  • Mirror Cast

  • Tile Blend Modes

  • Doodads / Grid-Free / Object Layer Support

✼ New Terrain Setting

RPG Maker has an amazing autotile system that no other map editor can quite grasp.  We're currently writing a converter and a new tutorial for a brand new terrain that emulates this system. Please look forward to it!

✼ Commercial Games  Showcase

✼ Indie  Games  Showcase

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AuthorsVisuStella, VisuStellaMZ, Archeia
GenreRole Playing
Tagsmz, RPG Maker, RPG Maker MZ, tools


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Tiled_SampleProject_November041122.7z 52 MB
MZ Autotile Converter.zip 2 MB
Tilesets.zip 74 kB
Autotile Converter.pdf 852 kB
VisuMZ_5_TiledMZ.js 95 kB

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