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Question: How do I use the Tiled Plugin / How can I make a Tiled Map.

Please check the sample projects and open the sample maps. There's documentation in them and a template to help you get started immediately.


Question: My Tiles are not displaying!

  • Make sure to check the sample project folder and see how we set up everything.
  • Make sure that your tilesets are 1024x1024 MAX
  • Make sure that your tilesheet images are in img/tilesets folder as usual.
  • Make sure that your Tiled Maps and Tileset files are .json and in the maps folder.
  • You can only have 12-13 sheets MAX in a single map before RPG Maker starts choking on itself.


Q: I keep getting "replace error"

  • Put your image tilesets in gameproject/img/tilesets folder like the usual RPG Maker.
  • When you create or load an external tileset, make sure it's inside gameproject/maps folder
  • When you create a tileset.json file, make sure that you are referencing the image inside the img/tileset folder.

Otherwise, you will get an error. For example:

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