Tiled Version 0.13 Update

Hello Adventurers~ 🌻

Tiled Sample Project and the standalone script has been updated to version 0.13.

  • NEW: It is now open source and can be expanded! 
    • Please note that if you encounter bugs, please make sure it happens on the vanilla version!
  • NEW: Added compatibility with VisuMZ Event Core's Shadows.
  • NEW:  Added a feature where you can disable player shadow from disappearing if they are transparent.
  • FIXED: A bug with the sorting-function.

Please update the VisuMZ_5_TiledMZ.js file to avoid issues. If there are any bugs, feel free to post here.

Thank you and Happy Game Making!


VisuMZ_5_TiledMZ.js 92 kB
Jul 06, 2022
Tiled_SampleProject_July060722.zip 54 MB
Jul 06, 2022

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