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Steampunk Arena Tiles have been designed to match the RPG Maker MV and MZ RTP, so they will fit seamlessly into your game alongside other default 48x48 graphics!

Effortlessly import inspirational steampunk-style architecture into your game's maps!

Sherman3D's ambitious Steampunk Arena pack has the old age industrial fantasy steampunk style with a battle arena to boot! This huge pack comes with various designs to create that busy, rustic town bustling with business, overlooking a luscious green lake garden. 

A wide array of steampunk-inspired graphics to choose from, to help you build the perfect towns, interiors and dungeons!

It also comes with an indoor set to complement the town with antique wood furniture and charming window panels to create that fantasy atmosphere ideally for an adventure game of sorts. 

Utilize tiles that will inspire you to create a rich story!

An underground dungeon and arena fortress stage lets you have the option of fight scenes in a sword and magic setting. Bonus includes animated doors and also burning torches that will add more liveliness to your scene.  

* Please note that the RPG Maker MV/MZ software is sold separately and must be purchased for this tiles art resource pack to work with it. 

You can attempt to use the tiles for other game engines but the tiles might not fit. 

You may edit as necessary.


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Steampunk Arena Tiles.rar 16 MB


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Is this compatible with the visustella tall styled characters or is it chibi only. I’m talking about the proportions. Not sure if you could resize some doors just a little. Thanks 

any chances you make a sample project for this tiles?

These tiles come with a sample project for both MV and MZ. :>

ohh, it is all come in visumz-sample, pardon & thank you!^^