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I purchased the wrong one, this is MV i meant to buy the MZ version

It can be used in MZ as is.

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Are all the tile sets just in RMMV /MZ layout, or does it also include sheets in like a standard wang sheet layout? I'm looking to use this in Unity and not RPG Maker. Thanks.

EDIT: Nevermind. I'll leave this comment here in case anyone else is planning on using this in Unity, but there is a Unity Asset called Autotile Importer in the Asset Store. It's only 4.99 and I've just picked it up and tried it and it works great. It's going to save a lot of time!


How many sheets are actually included in this set? I was thinking about purchasing it but wanted to first know the amount many assets it holds.

Can you use this tileset and your character generator on commercial projects?

Yes C:

Ok because I was confused, on the RPG maker website it says that some of your assets are not for commercial use, could you please put the terms of use on each asset's page that would clear up the confusion, Thank you so much for all your hard work!  

All our assets are commercial friendly C:

Awesome! You may want to have rpg maker change that then, as they have your assets marked as non-commercial here is a link to one of the assets

Oh no their label is confusing it just means that if you buy from RPG Maker Web, it's commercial use and rpg maker only. But if you buy from us directly, it's open to all engines. It's a known issue from the site :(

Also, what type of creative common license is it under? I want to make sure I credit you correctly

We're under all rights reserved.

Are there any plans to include a sample project with premade maps?


We'll talk about it with Sherman!

Do you have to own a RPG Maker license to use these?

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Hi there! It's listed over here in the store page :)

You can attempt to use the tiles for other game engines but the tiles might not fit. 

You may edit as necessary.

But there is no tank? This is my favorite vehicle!

Does this tileset include any interiors?

There are a few tiles that could double up as both, like some of the walls and floors, as well as things like vending machines, weapons, posters, etc. but it's intended for exteriors.

Because interiors are sold separately. :-3