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Welcome Adventurers~🌻

❓ Are you in a rush for your project? A crowdfunding campaign perhaps?
❓ Do you really need certain character graphics?
❓ Do you want to support us but don't want to subscribe to patreon or the like?

This Early Access is created for you! Due to popular demand, we decided to create an early access page for people who can't wait for complete updates and don't mind the trickle of updates as we finish them.

✦ How it works

  • Simply purchase the tier below that you are interested in supporting. 
  • You will receive up-to-date, Early Access files for that tier which are currently available. 
  • Once the project is complete, based on the following circumstances, what happens to the product will follow:
    • If the project is a free update to the character generator, the early access version will have exclusive parts as a thank you for your support. This will remain on this page.
    • If it's a paid add-on, we will remove the files from this page and you will receive a key to the official store page when it goes live. 

✦ Current Early Access Project(s)

Get instant access to the Stella Generator sideview sprites at their current stage in development. Currently includes:

  • Fully animated base sheets for Male/Female sprites
  • 6 Clothing Top for Female
  • 8 Clothing Bottom for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Female
  • 9 Front Hair for Female
  • 2 Glasses for Female
  • 4 Hats for Female
  • 4 Socks for Female
  • 8 Shoes for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Male
  • 9 Front Hair for Male

✦ Planned Updates

  • Matching sideview parts for Male Lean and Female Slim.
  • Cute Girls / Moe parts.
  • Children parts.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Stella Generator Early Access Updates - Sideview.zip 9 MB

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