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Looking for a way to make your battle system more interesting? 

Inspired by games that use Skill Chains, which add a new layer of depth to your game’s tactics?

You could try to build a similar system using events, but that would take hours and make your project files look messy. Or you could commission a plugin, which might cost you several hundred dollars.

That’s why we’ve developed the Active Chain Skills plugin! 

For just $19.99, you get full access to the plugin to use in any of your RMMV projects.

How to Use

With the Active Chain Skills plugin, when the player uses a Skill that offers a potential skill chain, new skills will be displayed on the left of the screen if the character also knows that skill. Chain skills can be endlessly chained until either the actor runs out of MP/TP  or until the character performs a chained skill without any skills to chain off of.

 These notetags go in the skill notebox in the database:

<ChainSkill: SkillId, Input>

^ This note tag allows you to set which skills can be chained. Order in the notes reflects order of choice.

^ SkillId: Id of the skill that can be chained into.

^ Input: Name of the Input. (up, down, left, right, ok, cancel, control, tab, etc..) This is controlled in the Plugin Manager.


<ChainSkill: 15, up>

<ChainSkill: 16, down>

<ChainSkill: 17, left>

<ChainSkill: 18, right>

<ChainOnly> (Case Sensitive.)

^ This makes the skill only usable only in chains. (Does not affect enemies.)

When the player presses the button assigned to the Chain Skill, that skill is selected and will be used next. 

ON Text:  This will appear if the player has the resources available to use this skill chain.

OFF Text: This will appear if the player does not have the resources available to use this skill chain, or if another has already been selected.

ACT Text: This will appear if the player has chosen this skill chain.

RPG Maker Version

This plugin is made for RPG Maker MV with version 1.6.1 and above. We cannot guarantee whether it will work on older versions of the engine.

Terms of Use

1. These plugins may be used in free or commercial games. 

2. 'RPG Maker TDS, Yanfly and Archeia' must be given credit in your games. 

3. You are NOT allowed to edit the code. 

4. Do NOT change the filename, parameters, and information of the plugin. 

5. You are NOT allowed to redistribute these Plugins. 

6. You may NOT take code for your own released Plugins.

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